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A Black Friday Afteroon

By Kaiser Egbujie

Edited by Onyeka Obi

Lala hopped into the living room in an unusually high speed, viciously kicking the scissors that lay in the doorway and letting out a doleful moan as he received a wide gash between the big and second toes of his right foot. Blood trailed him inside. Everyone turned from the screen to him, startled, except React. Cold sweat had broken all over him and drenched his sweat-bleached, torn shirt. A torn lip, bruised jaw and bleeding nose was all you could make of him at the moment.

His heart pounded hard inside his chest. He was in a state of malfunction: gibberish flow of words, trembling limbs, eyes all light up, darting all over the room.                                                “Jesus! Jesus!!” gasping for air and stopping mid way to catch his breath. His hands were placed on his knees for support. Gabriel and Spencer sprang in one quick ,terrifying scramble towards him. Letting the wireless game pads of the Play Station 3 video game land awkwardly on the ash rug.                                                                                                                                                                        “Jesus Christ! Na wetin be that? You nearly give person heart attack, who dey pursue you?” Spencer had asked in a frightened voice.                                                                                                      “Some mean guys are after me, they wan maim me for nothing, 5 of them with rugged weapons. Guys, I beg, I need somewhere to hide, I beg. ” The words came out of him in the same pace as his fast-beating heart. Fear was like needles poking his brain. He was covered in it. Lala quickly reached for the switch supplying life to the stereos and TV screen and killed it. Tension suddenly descended on the room.                                                                                                                                    “Guys, Spartans dey pursue me.” Lala continued, wiping the sweat off his upper lip with the back of his right hand. It felt like the room was spinning. Startled and perturbed, Spencer moved closer and nudged Lala to a safer corner of the room with his left hand; then he slowly stretched his neck towards the door, leaning on the brown door frame, and peeked outside, through a tight angle. He snatched his head backwards. Lala and Gabriel still watching with rapt attention, eyes widening, ears pricked in alert.

“Spenc, you see anything?!” Gabriel asked in a hushed tone.                                                                “Shhh!! shut up first.”
Spencer took another cautious surveillance and still no sign of life outside. The air was dead still. Then Jasper’s bark cut through it, ripping the boy’s hearts out of their chests. They held their breaths and waited.

React was still in the mini coma he had slipped into after being beaten 2:0 by Spencer in two consecutive rounds of PES. He had been watching Spencer and Gabriel play when the sleep came. Now he was sprawled carelessly on the bed, happily snoring, randomly grunting, and giving Spencer and Gabriel some good laugh with his sleep-talking habit, oblivious of the trouble that was on his door.
“You this dead man wake up joor!”,Gabriel attacked, slapping React on the side of his head.  “Yawa don gas!”
But React disregarded the distractions and continued his great nap.                                            “React! React!” Gabriel hit him harder this time, “Get up joor.” Immediately, React erupted with a burst of energy, frowning and seriously perspiring. Sleep had suddenly taken a hike. “Wetin dey happen?!” He scrubbed his right palm over his eyes to clear the haze and become better acquainted with his surroundings. “Who dey push me like that?”
“I say kasala don burst!” Gabriel cut in, then shifted to sit beside him on the bed.
“Which kind yawa?”
“Some guys dey pursue Lala.” As Gabriel walked React through the happenings, Lala realizing the door was still open, rushed towards it and slammed it shut. On his way back he stepped on a game pad lying helplessly on the recently worn ash rug. He reached to the top of the white LG fridge that stood close to the door and snatched the keys. Then he fiddles with it, trying to find the appropriate key for the lock. React slumped back into on the family-sized Vita Foam mattress in confusion, trying hard to digest all that Gabriel was saying, phobia gradually creeping up his toes. He sat up, supporting his head with both arms.
“Spartans, you say? Are you serious? How did you fall under their radar, Lala? Tell us, tell me, How?” React bemoaned.
“You know those guys don’t play nice. They are nothing but a bunch of crazy misfits, always geared up for some expensive action. You must have stepped on their tails. Because I know you are not a cultist… Suddenly realizing the twist to that question, Gabriel turned his gaze towards Lala, examining his facial expression for the slightest form of guilt. A chilly silence enveloped the room.
“Wait a minute” Spencer cut in like he had some sort of epiphany, “Are you a cultist, Lala?”     Lala cowered in a corner as though he was in a trance, his head bowed between both knees with his long arms circling around his long pair of legs, lost in a state of extreme despair.
He leaped up when Spencer screamed right into his ear.
“Answer me Lala, are-you-a-cultist?!!
Lala hesitated for a while, trying to get his head around the question, it was the last thing he expected to be asked by anyone. React, Spencer and Gabriel watched with utmost intentness. Their eyes wide, Gabriel’s mouth partly open in apprehension. Jasper’s bark still in echo around the vicinity. Gabriel moved to the door and peaked through the lock holes, his head moving from left to right trying.
“Are you a cultist, Lala?!” Spencer screamed the question the third time. Lines of veins poking out on his neck..
“I am not! No, I’m not. I’m not a cultist!” Lala yelled back between tears then slumped onto the rug. Spencer took a deep breathe and staggered backwards, somewhat relieved albeit consumed in some deep thought. “This is not good” he muttered. React sat up on the bed, walked over to where Lala sat and squatted beside him. “Why are they after you then? You never told us why.” He said in a calm tone.
Lala sat up, sniffing hard to keep his nose from running. He looked up and saw his three friends intently starring at him. The expressions on their faces earnestly begging for an explanation.        “Look, guys, like I said, I’m not in any cult group. There is this fine chick that was coming on heat for me. Her name is Niola, quite a pretty babe. But I no sabi say the babe dey already date one of them. Na she carry herself come meet me..I swear. No be me go toast am. I just dey class one afternoon like that dey read when….                                                                                                          Just then Jasper’s never-ending bark stopped abruptly. Quaking hearts and frayed nerves suddenly littering the room. You could feel the temperature rising. There was a bad feeling in the air.    “Wait, Jasper just stopped barking. We are done for.” React said.                                                    “Shh!!!” Spencer ordered.                                                                                                                          They all listened attentively for any iota of strange sound outside. React carefully tip-toed to the door and peeked through the holes. Gabriel sat motionless. Spencer quickly brought out his cell phone and scrolled through his contacts and dialed on Murphy. But Murphy’s line was out of reach. “Damn!” He cursed. Ripples of sweat broke all over his face and trailed down the sides of his neck. Spencer began pacing up and down the room, swearing and cursing on Murphy for making himself unavailable when he was badly needed.                                                                      “You shouldn’t have come here, Lala.” Gabriel cried. “You are just drilling us all into your trouble. If these no-conscience idiots should storm in on us, we are all going to find ourselves at the end of some ugly show down which I’m sure won’t go down well.”

“I am, I am.. so sorry, guys” Lala stuttered, still sitting on the floor.
“You guys are like family to me, I couldn’t think of a safer place than here with you guys. I never meant to get you mixed up in all these. I’m truly sorry.”
React couldn’t bear to see his friend helpless and whimpering like a child. His heart went out to him.
“Its OK, bro, we are here anyhow. What’s done is done. We are in this together now and  we will get out of this, together.”
“Like hell we will!” Gabriel flared up. “Look Lala, I’m sorry to say this but you have no idea what you gotten yourself into. I have seen these guys ruffle up a Black Arrow guy so badly. Black Arrow! It wasn’t a pretty sight. Sorry guys but I wouldn’t like to have my story told alongside theirs. You need to find somewhere else to hide.”                                                                                                               Disappointed, Lala, React and Spencer watched Gabriel go for the key. But Spencer got there first and seized it. He walked back up to Gabriel. “Listen Gee, we understand you are afraid, and so are we. But Lala has been one of us right from freshman year and we’ve all stood up fro each other in the past. This was not his fault,” he threw a reprimanding look at Lala, “we can’t leave him to slug it out with these guys all by himself? No my friend, that’s not happening. We work as friends and brothers here. Trust me, we will get out of this. I am positive.”
“You are positive?” Gabriel asked, his eyes searching Spencer’s for assurance.
“Yes brother, I am” Spencer assured him with a pat on the shoulder.

React piped up from where he sat, “Should we pray about this?”                                                               On the spur of the moment, they heard a loud banging on the door, like an elephant trying to break in. They all reeled backwards in fear, colliding into each other.

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Many of our readers all over the world will find a bizarre situation in this picture. Take a look at it.

People charging their phones

In this funny picture, we see an electric generating machine and people charging their devices with the electric power from the generator through many extension cables! Wait a minute, why couldn’t they charge their mobile phones at their houses? What is special about doing it outside, or is there some other thing into this picture?

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Funny joke: Legal and Logical! :D

A student failed in law and decided to make a deal with professor.

Sir, do you know everything about law?

Professor: Yes.

Student: If you can answer this question, I will accept my final marks, if you can’t, you have to give me “A”.

The Professor agreed.

Boy asked, “What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal & neither legal nor logical?”

The Professor thought about it for hours & pondered but no answer. He finally had to give up as he really did not know and he gave the boy an “A”.

The following day, professor asked same question to his students.

He was shocked when all of them raised their hands. He asked one student.

The student answered “Sir, you are 65, married to 28 years old woman, this is legal but not logical. Your wife, is having an affair with a 23 year old boy, this is logical but not legal. Your wife’s boyfriend has failed in his exam and yet you have given him an “A”, this is neither logical nor legal.”

The professor collapsed…

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Channels TV mobile app
Channels TV mobile app

Do you own a mobile device like Android, Symbian, Blackberry and iOS and you need the best Nigerian TV app that lets you watch live TV program from anywhere in the world? Read on to find which one to choose!

Until Nigeria actualises her TV digitalisation program; mobile and Internet users will always want to live stream our local Television contents directly to their mobile/portable devices. If you love Nigerian media/Entertainment Industry, you would certainly love to watch Nigerian TV from anywhere in the world and anytime.

Unfortunately, there are no many Nigerian TVs that can boost of an effective TV application that works, so we narrowed our post down to the 2 great live TV applications for Mobile from two leading TV stations in Nigeria. They are the AIT TV mobile app and Channels TV mobile app. You want to watch Nigerian TVs via the net? Watch as many as you could find from Playstore but don’t forget these two!

Now, its a bit difficult to choose the best TV app for mobile and we shall attempt to aid you to select at least from these two applications!

AIT TV mobile app:

AIT TV mobile TV for Android is one the best free apps that provide live streaming of a Nigerian TV station. This app is official which means that it is owned by DAAR Communications PLC.

AIT TV mobile application
AIT TV mobile application

The (perhaps) only coolest feature about this app is that it streams AIT programmes on the go! No working Settings menu and its just a TV app.

Channels TV mobile app:

This great application provides you with not only a LIVE streaming program but also News stories which is what Channels TV is known for. The News stories ranges from recent stories to Entertainment updates.


The app also has an interactive social tab that links to their various social Networking pages. The Live TV tab connects you to a live streaming link of the TV broadcasts in almost real time. You can optionally watch Channels TV from this link via your factory Video player or any other installed media player like Mx Player and Mobo player.

Judging by the quality of Application, the Channels TV app is far better than the AIT TV app. But we cannot rate any the best because Channels TV is mainly a News/Politics channel while AIT TV channels has a versatile programmes that you will also like.

To download any of these Live TV apps, search them in your device Playstore or Market.

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Funny quotes by some Nigerian leaders

1. “We want to thank the president
for bringing Facebook to Nigeria.” –
Information Minister, Labaran
2. “You press men, you always say
there are no minerals in Kano. We
have Coca-Cola, Fanta, Mirinda and
the newly invented Sprite.” – Barkin
3. “Foreign investors should ignore
Boko Haram and invest in Nigeria.”
4. “I will water your school and fire
your school.” – Orji Uzoh Kalu
5. “Nigerians, don’t panic. Terrorist
attack is everywhere … maybe it is
our turn.” – GEJ
6. “I will rather kill myself than
commit suicide.” – Dame Patience
7. “I founded this school for the
masses and the school fees is
850,000 naira.” – Atiku Abubakar
8. “Until I see someone eating out
of the gutters before I believe there
is poverty in Nigeria.” – Umaru
9. “Telephone is not meant for the
poor. ” – David Mark
10. “The worth of a child born and
bred in Nigeria cannot be
compared to that in the United
States.” – Yakubu Gowon
11. “School is not meant for the
poor, only for the rich.” – Ikedi Ikiri
12. “At 50, Britain is still battling
with King Arthur and the knights of
the round table so Nigeria is not
doing too badly.” – Diezeani
13. “Even Jesus Christ cannot
conduct a free and fair election in
Nigeria.” – Olusegun Obasanjo
14. “The corp members where
destined to die, nobody can run
away from destiny.” – Mallam Isa
Yaguda, Governor, Bauchi State
15. “On behalf of 20 million naira, I
donate my family” – Dame Patience
16. “We, the PDP did not win this
election, I have gone to church to
confess, I gave them money and
they called the result.” – Chris Uba
17. “I want to commend the
doctors and nurses for responding
to treatment.” – Dame Patience
18. “I can see camera people. Are
they going to televise us alive?” –
Dame Patience Jonathan

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A black couple told this week of their shock and  mystification when their son was born with white skin and blond hair.

Francis Tshibangu admitted:  ‘My first thought was “Wow, is he really mine?”.’

Congo-born Francis and his wife Arlette already have a two-year-old boy, Seth, whose features reflect his African parentage.

It is thought that baby Daniel, now 11 weeks old, has a slight genetic mutation.

He is not an albino, Britain’s Daily Mail reports.

African gives birth to white
African gives birth to white

Tshibangu, 28, said his ‘jaw dropped open’ when Daniel arrived at the UK’s Leicester Royal Infirmary.

“I have been with my wife for three years and there was never a question of infidelity, but seeing his white skin was a surprise to say the least.

“When I bent down and kissed him I got a better look at his features and could see he looked just like me and Arlette. He has my nose and my wife’s lips.”

His 25-year-old wife said: “The reaction in the operating theatre was one of shocked silence, myself included.

“But as the nurse put his little pink body in my arms I bonded with him instantly. When I looked at him all I felt was love. Like any mum who has just given birth, my main concern was that he was healthy, which he is.”

Mr Tshibangu said: “I know there will be some who say my wife has had an affair but I trust her completely and know that isn’t the case. Even if she’d had an affair with  a white man, you would expect a mixed-race baby with black hair, not a white baby with soft blond hair like little Daniel”.

He added: “You can see people looking at us thinking, ‘What are that black couple doing with that white baby?’ I am sure there are a few people who think we have stolen him.

“But to us, his skin colour isn’t important. All we can say is that Daniel is our miracle and, though we are shocked by his white skin, we feel very blessed. He’s beautiful.”


“We are all of us genetic mixtures to some extent, and occasionally you’ll have a convergence of the pale versions of these genes in African-Americans and African-Caribbeans who have a mixed black and white ancestry,” Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics at the University of Oxford, told the BBC.

Another expert, Professor Ian Jackson, an expert in melanocytes — cells that produce pigment — at the British Medical Research Council’s Human Genetics Unit, points out that there are four types of albinism, all of which allow different levels of colouring to develop in the skin, hair and eyes.

“In type 2 cases, we see creamy skin and yellow or light brown hair, which sometimes darkens with age,” he told AOL News.

Jackson added: “Albinism is more common in West Africa than the rest of the world”.

The condition also could have lain dormant for many years.

“It’s a recessive trait — which means that carriers don’t show any signs of albinism — so you can go many generations and not see any physical evidence of albinism in a family,” Jackson explained. “It’s only when two carriers have children together that you see it, when it will likely appear in a quarter of their children.”

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😀 Have u ever seen an IGBO MARKET WOMAN’S PHONEBOOK CONTACTS before? Names are saved like this:


1. Charles Okporoko
2. Uche Azu Ndu
3. Ifeoma Abacha
4. Nkechi Crayfish
5. Obinna Anu Nchi
6. Tony Afo Anu
7. Mama Obioma Mangala
8. Ngozi Tomato
9. Tony Beans
10. Obisike Garri
11. Nkem Okpa
12. Ndidi Ogiri Okpei Nsukka
13. Felix Kanda
14. Adaora Oso Nsukka
15. Emeka Anu Ewu.
Hahahahahahaha_happy weekend to y’all

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Funny Akpors joke -Pregnant sister

Akpors younger sister who is still in her teens got pregnant. Papa akpors was so furious, he asked him; Akpors, who did this to your sister ? I said; Papa how i take know, am I her monitor?
Papa akpors then asked his sister who was responsible for the pregnancy.
At first, she refused to talk but after a while, she opened up and said the truth that the pregnancy belonged to a rich famous chief. Read more “Funny Akpors joke -Pregnant sister”