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Many lamented the demise of the iPod Classic, but it seems some people are willing to fork over tons of cash to get their hands on an old model.

On eBay, a rare version of the iPod classic has sold for $90,000, according to the site. Another iPod on eBay had a list price of $180,000, though that seller seems to be having trouble finding a buyer. Meanwhile, a sealed first-generation iPod has sold for $20,000.

It’s possible some of the exorbitant sales are fake, but there are a number of iPods listed on the site for four-figure prices.

The $90,000 iPod — the highest seller — is a factory-sealed UK model of the special edition U2 iPod, originally sold in 2004. The engraved autographs of U2’s four members are on the fourth-generation iPod’s back side. (This might seem a bit ironic to some, considering that many Apple users recently wanted to get this fall’s new U2 album off their iOS devices.) “New” U2 iPods are going for about $4,000 on Amazon.

The U2 iPod comes with 20GB of space and is rated for 12 hours of battery life (a battery that hasn’t been used in a decade, however, will likely have serious performance issues, if it works at all).

The iPod classic was discontinued in September, and Apple CEO Tim Cook said in October that the decision was made because the company “couldn’t get the parts anymore, not anywhere on Earth.”

“The engineering work was massive, and the number of people who wanted it very small,” Cook said at the WSJ.D Conference. “I felt there were reasonable alternatives.”

Well, the “very small” number of people aching for an iPod classic are really aching for it. Non-U2 iPod classics are still selling for a healthy $500 or so on Amazon.

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If you live in Nigeria or plan relocating to Nigeria, you may have wondered which city is the best that offers the most employment or job opportunity. In this article which shall consider just that!

Nigeria is a very big country both in land mass and in population. With about 200 million people living in it, Nigeria is home to the most number of dark Africans in the world and the most populous African country. Recently in 2014, Nigerian economy was proclaimed Africa’s biggest followed by South Africa and more billionaires are from Nigeria than for any other African country. The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote is also from Nigeria.

With these mouth watering statistics, you should have an insight of what the economy of Nigeria looks like.

Nigeria has 36 states and it is divided into 6 geopolitical zones with each zone having 6 states except the South East zone. Each political zone in Nigeria has cities with huge employment opportunities. The most notable of them being Kano in the North, Port Harcourt in the South, Enugu in the East and Lagos in the West.

Out of all these cities, Lagos stands out. With a population of over 20 Million Nigerians and other nationals, Lagos is truly the Economic capital of Nigeria. Lagos was formerly the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and the colonial capital of Nigeria. It’s long history of administrative and economic boom makes it stand out today as the unique city in Nigeria where one can get the most employment or job opportunity.

Today, most corporate organisations in Nigeria and some of them multinationals have their head quarters and head office in Lagos and not in Abuja. It is on record that all the commercial banks in Nigeria, most of them now internationalised now have their head office in the city of Lagos. Also Embassies and consulate offices of most countries in Nigeria are also located in Lagos.

Medium and small scale businesses have taken suit too as Lagos is home to the most number of factories, industries and also employers of Labour.

No doubt, although there are many job opportunities found elsewhere in Nigeria, job seekers are first advised to try Lagos!

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This morning, a friend, a good friend of mine made me a Thank you video on Facebook and dimply want to say thanks for being a friend of mine. He was able to do this using a new video tool from Facebook.

Friends are a good thing. I was so happy when I saw the video that was sent to me and that’s why am sharing this so that you too can create a quick video for your friends.

To create one for your friends, you only have to log in to your Facebook account and point your browser to to begin. Good to know we are friends 🙂

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I recently got my big SIM card cut and reduced to the tiny nano/micro SIM card and I wish to share with you how it was simply cut.

Anyway the SIM card in question was given to me at my work place for my phone that still has the macro SIM slot but I changed my mind and want to use it rather in my Tablet that supports only nano SIM slot.

Today, many phone manufacturers prefer the nano SIM to the conventional macro SIM card as modern devices crave to get thinner and slimmer than ever before. I shared my story because I feel you may have faced similar situation where you want to use your macro SIM card in another device with only a micro SIM slot.

How to cut your macro SIM card to small nano SIM
Before, I thought cutting SIM will prove to be a bit difficult because of the precision the SIM is cut to but it isn’t.

You can cut your SIM by either acquiring a handy machine called SIM cutter or pay someone else to do it for you.
However, I advice that you rather go to your network provider Customer care centre to get your SIM cut as SIM card trays and sizes varies across different providers and every customer care has a SIM cutter that fits their SIM the most.

After your SIM may have been cut, keep the other cut off SIM body safe because it serves as converter Peradventure you want to insert your now micro SIM in a phone with only macro SIM slot.

Goodluck! If you have any issued, do not hesitate to contact Mymobnet!

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The iTel 1450 Android phone has been trending for a while and we wish to present the specifications review and price especially considering the fact that this is an Economic device because of its low price despite the Android OS and some of its features like great CPU and WIFI Hotspot. Read more “iTel 1450 Cheap Android phone Specifications review”

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You may have noticed a hike in the number of your installed updates that have queued up for update in your Playstore application and you wonder which to update but now we can show you why you may ignore any update notification that came to your phone from last week to now. Read more “Why you may wish to ignore Application update notifications on your phone since last week till now”

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You remember that we reported at Mymobnet! on September 20th, that Tecno phantom A2 or F8 Android Phablet would be coming soon? Today we present you a full specification review and price of this Android device. We actually did play with this device so you shall not be misguided. You are privileged to be tuned in to Mymobnet! E-Tech blog now so continue to see a unique review of this celebrated Phablet from Tecno before you consider finally making that purchase! Read more “Tecno Phantom A2 (AII) or F8 Review, Specifications, features and Price”