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Hello today we want to know if you have reasonable problem with your Android device Music player especially those running a 4.0+ OS device. Yes the latest version of any thing isn’t always the best. A classic example is what we get from the subsequent versions of the Android music player. Many users have complained of bugs which pushes the old version to the rank of being called a Classic. Read more “Problem with your current Android music player? You can get a Gingerbread Music player!”

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You must have noticed that after the end of each call or an internet surfing session, a pop up notification pops up with detailed info on the amount of data you have used and your remaining balance. This information is invaluable in the management of one’s data and mobile money but when the pop up notification appears very too often, it can be annoying and you may want to permanently turn it off leaving you with the option of manually checking your balance anytime you wish. Read more “How to turn off MTN data and Airtime balance pop up notification”

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Yes we know that you may have purchased a low RAM device and you really want to make an efficient use of it. In this write-up, we shall look at what RAM cleansing and management application for the Android or any other OS will do for you and why you need to install one. Follow us as we explore this topic. Read more “What a RAM management application for Mobile device will do for you and why you need one!”

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For many months I have answered calls from Mymobnet! readers helping them find a better internet plan for their Android phones, computers and iPads plus data supported phones and devices and most importantly learning from their experience with the plans from lots of Internet Service providers in Nigeria, so am convinced that the best Internet plan and network for your phone, Android device and computer< b> is found here as you read on! Read more “The best Internet plan for Android, Nokia, Windows phones and PC”

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I have used MTN Nigeria’s internet plan for so long because of the reliability of their package. Recently they introduced a data rollover package which means that one can automatically rollover unused data when subscription expires to the next month if he subscribes after expiration, at least this is how they explained what this new and exciting feature means! Read more “MTN Nigeria Data rollover package should be a SCAM!”

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As part of the present trend to create more awareness on the need to switch over to Smartwatches, the $350 i’m Watch Android device has taken to Google adword advertising to more people and of course more Nigerians! You want to know what’s inside this watch?


• Flash Drive: 4 GB
• RAM: 128 MB


• CPU: IMX233


• 1.54” (diagonal) color TFT display
• 240×240 pixel resolution
• 220 ppi (pixel per inch)


i'm Android Smartwatches
i’m Android Smartwatches

Read Burge 17 Smartwatch

Operating system

• i’m Droid 2 (customized Android version)

Power and battery

• Built-in rechargeable Li-Po 450 mAh battery
• Charging from USB to computer system or via power adapter
• Standby time without Bluetooth™ connection: up to 48 hours
• Standby time with Bluetooth™ connection: up to 24 hours
• Time for generic use: up to 5 hours.

Compatible smartphones and o.s.

Many i’m Watch features require an internet connection via Bluetooth™ tethering. The main operating systems and/or phones that offer this technology are:

• Android 4.0+
• iOS® 4+

Read Samsung Galaxy gear Smart watch
• Blackberry 10+ (no SMS display)

• Not all phone models allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• Not all versions of the same operating system allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• Not all phone versions allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• Not all mobile network operators allow Bluetooth™ tethering.

Note: i’m Watch is not a standalone phone and therefore needs to connect to smartphones.

Audio playback

• Supported formats: MP3


The materials change depending on the collections: i’m Watch Color Collection, i’m Watch Tech Collection, i’m Watch Jewel Collection.
Case: Aluminum, Titanium, Silver and Gold.
Strap colors: many different colors available.


• Magnetometer
• Accelerometer

Connectors and input/output

• 3.5 mm headphone, connection and power mini-jacks
• Microphone
• Built-in speaker


English, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Russian.

We didn’t compile this full specs, the source is here

Now the price of this device is $350 that is about almost N60,000!

Read all we’ve written about Smartwatches

The question remains, How many Nigerians will spend such for computer-watch that isn’t gold-plated?

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As we at Mymobnet joined the rest of the world to watch Blackberry fulfil their promise of releasing the BBM to the Playstore on Saturday, we all got disappointed at the turn out of the whole event especially after their said time of launch elapsed. I actually downloaded a leaked version of the BBM for Android which now tells me to subscribe to their Newsletter to let me know when they will finally release the said IM app. This is simply because they have deactivated the leaked version server making it inaccessible. Read more “Why we disabled BBM for Android till further notice –Blackberry”

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Now that Smart watches seem to take over whatever is called a wrist-watch in the future, we have taken a great deal of time at Mymobnet! to examine closely what can be obtained from the leading manufacturers of Smart watches especially those powered by the Android Operating System. We have written about the Burge 17 Smartwatch and also the famous Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, we consider in this post what and when Tecno and Gionee Smartwatches shall hit the Market! Read more “Tecno and Gionee Android Smart watches coming soon?”

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As you may know, Sony has finalised its plan to release the PS4 and guess what? This time an application for Android devices for PS (4) will also hit the Playstore.

What do we need the Android app for? We may ask Sony inc. The need for this application for the World’s no 1 Mobile platform is long overdue now but we are grateful its going to be here at last. Read more “Sony Play station 4 app Game console coming to Android”