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So many SPAM Blackberry Messenger already filled the Playstore even before official launch of BBM for Android

Today we tried searching for what the Playstore looks like and what people think about the new Blackberry Messenger that’s coming to Android OS, lo and behold! Everyone’s talking about it and worst still many have created fake Blackberry applications and tens of thousands are already installing them.

fake BBM for Android apps
fake BBM for Android apps

We warn Mymobnet! Readers that the official BBM will not be available on the Playstore until 12:00PM Nigerian time (GMT+1).

Do not be misled!



  • Henry Nwafor

    pls is d bbm out??

  • Henry Nwafor

    pls is d bbm out??

  • Asiegbu Gideon

    Guys I Have A lil Bit Of Info! BBM IS Scheduled For THIS Weekend. So Maybe Later Today Or On Sunday.RIM Has Been Shifting Dates For A Long Time,But They’re Pretty Sure Its This Weekend. However i Managed To Download Its Beta Version Update But It Crashes. (Something I just Remembered, Months Back I Signed Up With RIM To Send The Release Date To My eMail)… When They Do, We’ll Storm Google play in Droves. Birds Of Identical Plummage Usualy Aggregate. LoL! Hope You’ve Found This Helpful. Goodmorning… 🙂

  • Adeniyi Emmanuel O'elseWhy

    I can’t wait

  • I Love Android devices

    Please watch out 12:00PM our time – Mymobnet!

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