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MTN Nigeria Data rollover package should be a SCAM!

I have used MTN Nigeria’s internet plan for so long because of the reliability of their package. Recently they introduced a data rollover package which means that one can automatically rollover unused data when subscription expires to the next month if he subscribes after expiration, at least this is how they explained what this new and exciting feature means!

I was very delighted to know (as MTN promised) that my unused data will no longer fly into space whenever I did not exhaust it but lo and behold this has been a false hope ever since they started this rollover thing.


Once you purchase an MTN data plan, they will assure you that you need not worry about your unused data after expiration since they will give it back to you if you happen to subscribe again. I have had that case for more than 3 occasions and I saw nothing come from MTN’s end so I wonder if this data rollover promise isn’t a scam or is there something am missing in their Terms of service?

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