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MTN Sports SMS alert on your mobile phone for EPL, FA, Laliga and African cup of Nations AFCON

Earlier on today I wrote about Etisalat’s AFCON Live mobile update. Now we shall look at what MTN has for her customers who are sports lovers.

MTN sports are offering live updates on football to her customers which means that paid subscribers will receive SMS alerts on

their phones when a goal is scored and other updates. MTN released this:

Y’ello, Football frenzy continues transfers, scores &more: for EPL & FA Cup txt EPL to 4800. For Laliga txt SPA. Txt ACN for African Cup of Nations.N50/wk.

Comparing this service from Africa’s largest network provider, MTN with the similar one from Etisalat,a leading World mobile network company, we readily see some conflicts that not only favours that of MTN but also make it more juicy than Etisalat’s.

Comparing MTN’S SMS sports update with Etisalat’s:
1. Etisalat offers text update and link to Mp3 report on AFCON while MTN updates subscribers only with Simple media.
2. Etisalat offers her service for N100 per 5 days while that of MTN is only N50 per week!
3. Etisalat offers her service for N100 per 5 days while that of MTN is only N50 per week!!!
4. Etisalat offers her service for N 100 per 5 days while that of MTN is only N50 per week!!!! 😀

I emphasised the second point because we know what the extra balance can do. MTN users certainly got the juicy part! The Etisalat’s Mp3 audio report is nice and may have been responsible for their price hike, but we also know how much an Mp3 file of more than a minute at a slightly normal bit rate can cost. Many users will certainly need only the text updates with far cheaper price. If you are such a user, Mymobnet! advices you to switch over to MTN SPORTS!

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    how do I unsubscribe from MTN EPL LIVE

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