Where can I repair a broken inverter in Port Harcourt?

QuestionsCategory: Fix my ElectronicsWhere can I repair a broken inverter in Port Harcourt?
Woko asked 1 year ago

I have a faulty Powerstar 5kVA 48V in Port Harcourt. The display on the inverter is showing wrong reading and I think the fan is not working again as it always gets very hot.
Where in Port Harcourt Rivers State can I fix the inverter?

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fixpie Staff answered 1 year ago

To answer your question straight, I strongly recommend Wavetra Energy LTD repair center in Mbonu Street, Port Harcourt.
Alternatively, is your inverter still under warranty? If it is you can have it fixed at the dealer store. But Power Star Inverters are generic. I suggest you link up to a repair center in Port Harcourt. Wavetra gives warranty after repairs and Wavetra Energy is our sister company. You can check them out.

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