I am sorry to let my fellow Android fans know that I hate the default Music player of Android OS phones. Hate? I mean just that! What else can be said of a music player that can’t boast of at least a genre categorisation,an open new file link, a customisable equaliser,*.wma support to name but a few?!

Of course Android on the average produces nice sound and my Samsung innovated earpiece crowns it all with a quality output 😉 so a lot of our readers will not care about the deficiencies of the factory app. But many music lovers like me will not find it hard to grasp while thousands of users prefer Apple iPhone to Android simply because of<!–more–> the music player. On a similar ground many Windows OS (PC) users will switch to other OS if Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and the rest of them didn’t come to rescue the prestigious default Internet explorer!

For some time now, I have been trying and testing various Music players that hopefully will replace my ‘follow-come’ player. The good news is that I found one music player which is worth my time spent, it is called BoomBoxoid.

Actually a friend of mine gave me the APK of BoomBoxoid app to test 3 weeks ago in Lagos. I must confess that this great application beat all the music players I have ever used including those of Windows Mobile that I have used.

Take a look at this features of Boomboxoid app:

1. Categorisation of music files:
Apart from the typical Artists, Album and All Songs ordering found in every other music player, Boomboxoid has other menus like:

Folders: This allows you to open any song(s) from a particular folder in your phone.

Genre: Though there is a problem with this feature in Boomboxoid but the app readily displays the available genres of all the songs in your phone. But I must add that Boomboxoid has a lot of bug to fix here.


2. Fully customisable sound Equaliser:
This feature is totally absent in the default player which comes only with preset equalisers. Boomboxoid allows the user to either choose from the preset settings or turn the amp up and down himself! The Bass and Treble boost equaliser if properly set with Bass higher than the treble will produce a very high quality sound like sound from studio speakers!


3. Tag Editor:
Boomboxoid Tag Editor can edit the Title, Album, Artist, Year, Track no and Comments associated with any music track! Perhaps this is the coolest and ‘uniquest’ thing I found in this app. You can hardly find a free app across all the mobile system OS that has this feature. Infact most 3rd party PC music players can not carry out this editing work. This alone make me rate Boomboxoid at least a 4 Star!


4. *.wma support:
Some of us know that the Android-iOS feud brought Google (Android) closer to Microsoft (Windows) which means that the next generation Android player is likely to play .wma audio files, but it is so sad to note that the present Android player cannot play the world’s second most popular music file extension .wma . Our Boomboxoid can decode a Windows Media Audio (wma) file, though it can only play it from the phone’s folders rather from artist or album list. I have not yet encountered any problem playing from my folders so I think its ok until we get a newer version.

5. Some other features of Boomboxoid not found in the default app includes support for: Visualisation, Speed/Tempo adjust, Album art auto download, Player auto start when headset is inserted (optional).

Yes it is true that the default Android Music player loads quicker and has a better search engine than Boomboxoid but this can be easily be done away with considering that the other features of the later outweighs the default app by default.

You can refer this page to your friend or send him this customised message about Boomboxoid:

You should check out this new music player for android called BoomBoxoid. It has a very sleek interface which is also very intuitive and flows very well. It also has built in audio filters and effects, such as EQ, Stereo width expander and much more. To find it just search for BoomBoxoid on the android market application.

Once again to download and install this app, go to Google Playstore from your PC or mobile Playstore app and search for Boomboxoid. Goodluck to you!

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