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Not a few readers of Mymobnet! blog have called and asked me my take on the best mobile browser for Android devices. We shall look into this hot discussion under this post: Which mobile phone browser is the best for Android devices? So why don’t you read on?

First of all we wonder what ‘Best’ can really mean!

I think the general definition of best is better than all others, isn’t it? So are we really out there searching for the mobile browser that is better than all others? First and the primary thing I want to make it clear is that this isn’t like in an Olympic race where one comes up first and the other last. What we’re trying to say here at Mymobnet! lab is that many top browsers that runs on Android platform has some good or unique feature that has kept them on the niche, so its easier to write about a recommended Android browser than a best browser. Read more “Our list of best Mobile phone Internet browsers for Android devices?”