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A Mymobnet! Fan recently wrote on our Facebook page yesterday about his problem with signing into Yahoo! Messenger from his Android phone. We present a general solution here of any problem with signing in to any phone Application that requires Internet connection. Read more “Our Solution to error in Signing into an App like Yahoo Messenger that requires Internet connection”

Today we shall talk about an interesting topic especially to those who at a point or the other want to own a blog. You can read my post on How to host/own your own website or blog.

If you have made up your mind that you want to host your own paid website like Mymobnet!, the very first question you will ask is: Which website host should I choose? Read more “Choosing a best web host for your blog or website –Tips that works!”

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Do you want your site to generate more income for you? Then you certainly wants to place your ads (Google adsense, addynamo, etc.) not only in an attractive spot but also in an unoffensive place to your visitors. Placing your ad in the header (top) or footer (bottom) of your site is one of the hot spots you can’t do without!

Unfortunately most of the very popular auto ad placement plugins do not place codes in the header/Footer of your blog. if you eventually find one that does, you still do not have the freedom to place the ad in the Read more “How to place google adsense, addynamo or advert code in the header/Footer of your blog”