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For many months I have answered calls from Mymobnet! readers helping them find a better internet plan for their Android phones, computers and iPads plus data supported phones and devices and most importantly learning from their experience with the plans from lots of Internet Service providers in Nigeria, so am convinced that the best Internet plan and network for your phone, Android device and computer< b> is found here as you read on! Read more “The best Internet plan for Android, Nokia, Windows phones and PC”

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Not a few readers of Mymobnet! blog have called and asked me my take on the best mobile browser for Android devices. We shall look into this hot discussion under this post: Which mobile phone browser is the best for Android devices? So why don’t you read on?

First of all we wonder what ‘Best’ can really mean!

I think the general definition of best is better than all others, isn’t it? So are we really out there searching for the mobile browser that is better than all others? First and the primary thing I want to make it clear is that this isn’t like in an Olympic race where one comes up first and the other last. What we’re trying to say here at Mymobnet! lab is that many top browsers that runs on Android platform has some good or unique feature that has kept them on the niche, so its easier to write about a recommended Android browser than a best browser. Read more “Our list of best Mobile phone Internet browsers for Android devices?”

To have access to the internet on your mobile phones and tablets or other data enabled devices, you will have to ensure your APN settings are configured correctly on the Airtel 3.75G network.

APN simply means Access Point Name. This is a requirement on the network for all data users. It is your gateway to accessing the web on the Airtel Network. Our APN is If your phone/device has no APN settings or incorrect APN settings, you would be unable to access the web. Read more “Airtel Network New Internet Settings”

Many users have had problem surfing the internet with their Android phones, we mean all Android phones like Tecno n3, D5, B3,etc., Gionee and Infinix Android phones and the higher –end Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, etc Android phones.. After reading this post, you shouldn’t have further difficulty accessing your Playstore for downloads, browsing the internet and using Facebook on your Android phones among many other useful things about the internet. Read more “Setting up internet connection for your Android Phones like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Tecno, Gionee, Infinix phones.”

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The world, Africa and Nigeria in particular is so opportuned to have a competetive Internet industry. We are so privilledged to choose from a wide range of Internet Bundle plans across many Network providers. Personally I have used so many of these Internet bundle plans. I have a universal Internet Modem which I use whenever my PC Read more “The best Internet data bundle plan in Nigeria”