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Yes, a lot of people heard of the famous Tecno n3 Android phone which happened to be the first Android Smart Phone from Tecno and the first widely advertised Chinese Android phone. Now many people still want to get this classic Tecno n3 for themselves but we say: Do not worry because Tecno has given the world a better and close alternative to the Tecno n3. This alternative is called the Tecno P3 Android phone.

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Tecno Mobile has recently released a new Android mobile Tecno D5 in the market and this is the full review and specifications or features of Tecno D5 Android device.

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In this article, I shall provide a detailed review and specification of Tecno D3 which is part of Tecno mobile Android series, and all that a prospective buyer and user must know about the smart phone.

Some few months have passed since the first announcement of Tecno D3 but we found out that the phone still make
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In one of my previous posts, I outlined what one must watch out for if you need a low budget Android device, I am proud to introduce to you Tecno n7 our choice for the nice budget Android device money can buy! But is Tecno n7 really a low budget Android device? The answer is No and Yes! Yes -because it is sold at a very low cost. It is sold for about N28,000 to N30,000 in Nigeria that is roughly a full price of $200. No -because the specs of the device comfortably competes with high budget devices made by popular brands like Samsung and Read more “Tecno n7 full and detail specification and review”