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Some time ago, i tried rebuilding an old WordPress blog and surprisingly I had over 3,000 SPAM comments primarily because my Akismet plug-in was out of date. Also the comment notifications from the 3K + comments filled my mail inbox but I managed to empty that inbox with a single click. The problem then was how to free my WordPress dashboard from those annoying 3,000 plus unwanted comments!

I googled for help and someone suggested I empty the comments per 20 i.e deleting per page. That was Read more “How to delete/Trash WordPress comments from Pending, Spam and Trash with just a click!”

Bloggers who use the WordPress platform and want to monetise their site will have the problem of manually insert ad codes like that of Google Adsense, Yahoo! Ad choice, Chitika, Ad dynamo, etc. to their posts. We shall give the best plug-in that we have used that will automatically do this for you. Just sit back and relax the plug-in robot will place your ad codes just at the Read more “Quick Adsense: The Best way/Plug-in to insert Ad code to a WordPress blog post and page”