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Tired of Traditional watches? Try Android powered Burge17 Smartwatch!

Are you tired of the traditional analogue and electronic watches? Why don’t you try an Android Smartwatch with much features that suggests you can leave your Android phone at Home! We shall look at the Burg 17 Android-powered smartwatch running on 4.0 OS! Read on!

Today we are delighted to have a close look at the Burg 17 Android-powered smartwatch which runs on the Android 4.0 operating system and features a 1.54 inch screen! This Smartwatch is certainly a ground breaking device and we agree with the founder of the Burg company Mr. Hermen van den Burg when he is quoted saying: “Everyone thinks this is going to change the watch industry”.

Burg 17 Android Smartwatch

Some of the amazing features of this Burg 17 Android-powered Smart watch includes:

  • Voice recorder,
  •  A 2 megapixel camera,
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS.
  • SIM card

The most amazing is perhaps the inclusion of a SIM card on this smart and portable device. This enables the owner to make voice calls and send/receive emails! Also Android apps installed on the wrist watch can be accessed directly from your wrist! The product runs on Android-based software called I’m Droid 2, which the company describes as “the world’s most advanced smartwatch operating system”.

Now any one who doesn’t fancy any of this innovative features of this Android smartwatch can simply turn on the Analog /Digital clock screen display that also serves as the watch’s screen


  • Awwal Aly

    I like 2 buy dis type of watch hw moch ar seling it.

  • I Love Android devices

    This one costs 119 dollars. There are Sony smart watches too

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